How can Companions Choice help improve my pets’ digestion?

Sickness, ingesting toxins, bad bacteria, or food overload can cause loose stool and diarrhea. A rebalance of the good bacteria will help stop or prevent this metabolic issue. The lactobacillus bacteria, bacillus bacteria and encapsulated live yeast in Companions Choice will work together for a healthy digestive system. For immediate relief, Companions Choice paste will help with present symptoms.

Constipation can be a result of medications, dehydration, or changes in diet. Companions Choice combined with digestible fibre will assist in proper over all digestion. Companions Choice also assists in water intake with helping the stomach digest food correctly creating the natural response to drink more.

Switching from one probiotic to another?

When changing diet indigestion is very common. Companions Choice will aid in the transition with natural ingredients to calm the stomach and help the digestive system adjust to the new diet

Is it safe to use with worming & antibiotics?

Pets that have a compromised digestive system or may lose their appetite due to the antibiotics will benefit from Companions Choice. Antibiotics deplete the amount of good bacteria in the stomach. Companions Choice paste will assist with immediate repair, after the therapy is complete, by replenishing the good bacteria and assisting in any digestive issues your pet may have from being on antibiotics.

Companions Choice paste helps with pets that have been wormed and may lose their appetite or have had a compromised digestive system due to the amount of worms in their system. Companions Choice daily supplement will help restore and maintain your pet’s digestive system.

Once my pets issue is resolved do I still need to continue feeding it?

A healthy immune function and being calm are key factors to reduce the length of recovery time. Companions Choice containing bacillus bacteria, lactobacillus bacteria and mannan-oligosaccharides to stimulate the immune response and help reduce stomach upset after surgery. Companions Choice supplements also contain B-vitamins that have a natural calming effect along with the prebiotic and probiotic will promote normal digestive function.

I have a show dog. Should I change the dose on competition weekends?

Pets that are in training and competing are under stress and eating large amounts of feed. Large meals quickly enter the stomach where starches and sugars can alter the pH resulting in the decrease of beneficial bacteria. When beneficial bacteria die off the harmful bacteria will start to take over. Companions Choice helps flourish the gut with beneficial bacteria levels and assist with a properly functioning digestive system.

I travel with my pet. How can Companions Choice help?

When pets travel they may lose their appetite, not drink well, or show signs of stress. Your pet will benefit from Companions Choice paste prior to transporting, while on the road and after arrival. Companions Choice supplements also contain B-vitamins that have a natural calming effect along with the probiotic will promote normal digestive function.

I recently rescued a malnourished dog. How can Companions Choice help?

Pets that have been malnourished, rescued, or have an unknown history benefit from Companions Choice Prebiotic + Probiotic supplements. Added to their daily diet, Companions Choice will assist with repair of the digestive system, proper absorption of nutrients, and help with weight gain.

Sore stomachs, diarrhea, loose stool, and disruptions in the digestive system are very common symptoms of a stressed or nervous pet. Pets that are exhibiting these symptoms will benefit from the Companions Choice paste to assist with immediate symptoms, and for best results follow with the daily supplement. Companions Choice supplements also contain B-vitamins that have a natural calming effect along with the probiotic will promote normal digestive function.

My dog has so many allergies.

Allergies are typically from food or the environment. Food allergies are when the body is recognizing something bad so it releases histamines to combat. The results of these allergies may cause inflamed bowls. Companions Choice will help build the immune system to lessen the effects of the allergies and strengthen the stomach lining for less digestive upset.